March 23, 2018


Digital world is getting disruptive more and more each day and has become the focal challenge for every industry. And to thrive & grow in a complex economy, organizations are required to respond instantly to the needs of consumers. Businesses must harness the power of the latest technologies and its applications to stay competitive. Companies must regularly adjust to the evolving compliance regulations, technology’s accessibility, and its security.

SAT helps various industries around the world to adjust to the fluctuating business environment. We help you to stay connected for reducing the digital gap, improving compliance and preparing for the market competitiveness.

IT Software

As the core pillar of the economy, IT industry is constantly creating disruptive innovation, transforming organizational processes and giving rise to new business and transactional models. Trends such as cloud computing; big data & digitization are shaping the future of the organizations across the world. We help our clients with highly focused capabilities & dynamic skillsets to drive sustainable growth.

To maintain their competitive edge, the players in the IT industry are always required to stay at the edge by evolving continuously. Leveraging state-of-the-art development centers, cutting-edge technological knowledge, and industry best practices, SAT enable global leaders to optimize their recruitment processes, streamline their operations and attain greater efficiencies.


Constant changes and developments in the world of healthcare, have led to the complete transformation of how the industry works, functions, treats its consumers, hires and manages resources. All the technological advancements and ever-increasing demands continue to have a huge impact on the healthcare industry and SAT provide best-in-class healthcare experts to help you boost your output & cost-effectiveness. Today’s healthcare professionals should have the right skill-set & knowledge to comply with the industry standards & ethical best-practices and equipped with the optimal technical competencies. Advancement of mobile technologies, health applications, AI and electronic medical records have made the industry more patient-focused. Our domain experts constantly deliver high quality & customized implementations, support, upgrades and comprehensive project management services.

Automobile Industry

With a versatile team of qualified and experienced automotive industry specialists, we have the dynamic capabilities to nimbly understand the fast changes that are globally taking place in this sector. We have proven track record of providing qualified engineers, technology experts as well as support personnel to the global leaders.

We deliver collaborative recruitment solutions that facilitate clients in lowering time-to-hire, reduce overall recruitment costs and improve hiring efficiency. We have experience in serving mainstream automotive disciplines like project engineering, managers, designers, CAD technicians, CAE analysts, hardware experts as well as niche skill-sets.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic as well as disruptive industry sectors. With the industry witnessing extraordinary growth in the last few years, the development and transformation call for leveraging the latest technologies and hiring more specialists to meet the growing productivity challenges. SAT’s engineering and manufacturing solutions are built on the years of experience in detail process analysis, planning, implementing and workforce management services as per the industry needs. Our comprehensive range of services helps you to boost productivity and capitalize on your investment in technology. Our teams of engineers are capable of building efficient success powerhouses for manufacturing companies of any size or type.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

With a team of strong financial consultants, we help you in the areas of risk management, retail banking, life and general insurance, asset management, and capital markets. Our experts with deep domain knowledge & hands-on experiences deliver a wide range of technology solutions that will help you streamline your financial ecosystem, ensure compliance & lower the market risks.
Our specialized recruiters help the clients with a dynamic talent pool across the financial services industry. SAT’s flexible services facilitate your business to find the right talent needed to meet the challenges of the highly-regulated and evolving financial markets. Our skilled specialists range from banking specialists, corporate finance specialists to investment experts.


Telecommunications Industry

In a dynamically fluctuating technological landscape, telecommunication networks are now rapidly migrating from appliance & hardware oriented deployments to cloud based deployments. We at SAT recognize that today’s telecommunication organizations have to a sustain a smooth balance between evolving technologies, restricted resources & complex governance structures.
Combining deep domain expertise, industry knowledge and years of experience we equip you with the competitive advantage to stay ahead in the market and lead from front. We deliver advanced workforce solutions that resolve your challenges rapidly & cost effectively. We deliver services that best fit your organization and allow the flexibility to change as the market changes.