March 19, 2018

FAO Services

Our FAO Offerings

Finance and accounting operations are considered to be the most cumbersome and expensive in-house processes. Outsourcing the FAO services help you in keeping and maintaining the accounting books. SAT’s FAO services can save you money, provide you the opportunity to focus on the growth of your business, allow you to redeploy your staff, manage your fiscal and regulatory risk and alleviates the burden of managing accounting staff. SAT has a high-quality security and compliance standards for our clients and ensures hassle-free, accurate and the timely delivered FAO services.

Organizations are required to tackle challenges in reducing costs, minimizing expenditures, and adhering to complex regulatory requirements. As a leading FAO Services Provider, we combine the power of robust ecosystem & experienced industry specialists. We enable companies overcome the barriers to efficiency & scale by streamlining financial processes.

Our personalized FAO consulting and solutions deliver greater agility, flexibility, cost effectiveness & compliance to our client’s businesses. We have highly qualified and experienced pool of F&A experts who leverage world class processes, proven best practices and industry specific knowledge to resolve your F&A pain-points.

Our Services

Most probably, you spend too much time, money and energy on your organization’s FAO operations that doesn’t allow you to focus on growing your business and remain competitive. Our experienced industry experts allow you leverage leading technical accounting, tax and technology practices. We provide tailored FAO services and FAO consultancy that will help you meet your organization’s unique needs right from bookkeeping to accurate reporting and compliance.

Book Keeping
Our customized Bookkeeping Services will help you reduce your finance and accounting costs by effectively managing the entire nitty-gritties of bookkeeping right from accounting management to tax preparation needs. Our expert finance and accounting outsourcing services coupled with the bookkeeping and accounting experts will also take care of the complete set-up, support, maintenance and consultancy as per the evolving accounting standards. Our dedicated teams can quickly adapt to your specific software and processes, ensuring quick turnaround time, regulatory compliance and high quality standards.
Payroll Services
At the time when businesses face large number of variable adjustments to cater for and multiple legacy payroll processes, SAT provides comprehensive payroll solutions capable of bringing total convenience and transparency to payroll complications. With proven payroll operational models, veteran payroll specialists and experienced legal compliance team, SAT ensures cost-effective payroll services. Payroll Professionals at SAT impart you enhanced speed of service and cent percent compliance & accuracy to help you focus on your business critical functions.
Invoice Processing
With our expert FAO services and cost-effective invoice processing services, you can not only minimize costs, but also benefit from enhanced purchase controls through streamlined invoice process data. We can take care of all your invoice processing right from capturing and storing invoice documents, performing pre-purchase authorization to vendor payments. By getting huge volume of invoices processed within a quick turnaround time, you can ensure greater customer delight ratings.

Our Unique Approach

We are a leading FAO consultancies in the North American market and our FAO consulting renders all your FAO needs in timely manner.

Accounting Standard

Our FAO services are completely compliant with the globally recognized accounting standards & benchmarks.


According to your changing project requirements, we have extensive capabilities to scale up our services and yet ensure that process efficiencies are maintained.

Technology and Infrastructure

Our FAO experts are highly skilled in the best practices of F&A processes and receive continuous training to evolve dynamically.


As a premier FAO agency, we adhere to optimal data security practices for ensuring that complete confidentiality & safety of client information is maintained.

Technology & Infrastructure

We help you enhance your productivity by leveraging the latest technologies & our world-class infrastructure.

Visibility and Transparency

Through our regular and comprehensive reports, we ensure 100% percent transparency for the financial processes that we take care of.


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