What is an RPO? – Things to Keep in Mind Before Collaborating

Are you struggling to find talents for your niche roles? Or, is it the volume of openings and applicants overwhelming for you? If the answer to either of these questions is in affirmative, then, you must leverage the expertise of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider.

RPO is the complete or partial outsourcing of a company’s internal recruiting function to a specialist who takes over the responsibilities of your recruitment needs. They can work as a substitute or add-on to your in-house recruiter and HR.

Nevertheless, outsourcing your complete recruitment needs might seem an overpowering decision for you, as you might wonder if the prospects you will acquire are as per your requirements or not. There might be budgetary constraints attached as well. Nonetheless, you can partner up with an RPO provider who can solve this particular problem of yours. The USP of an RPO is that it effectively solves the time and money constraints.

Some of the business challenges that an RPO provider solves are –

  • Candidate Sourcing Strategies
  • Recruiting, and Screening
  • Candidate Offer Management
  • Onboarding of the Candidates
  • Process Review and Recommendations
  • Need Assessment (Specific to your organization)
  • Technology Assessment
  • Work-Force Planning initiatives
  • End to End Requisition Process Management
  • Time & Budget Constraints
  • Quality and Expert’s opinions, etc.

RPO efficiently compensates for your temporary needs as well. And if you want to scale up or down your requirements, then RPO is the best available solution for you. Besides, you will also receive the market’s best recruitment expertise. The issue with the traditional hiring process lies in its failure to keep updated with the market needs. RPO provider, an efficient one actually is expert in implementing your entire recruitment requirements. They have proficient resources who work in niche areas like advertising, people, pipeline planning, workflow management, tracking the progress, etc.

Some of the advantages that you will get once you collaborate with an RPO provider are –

  • Access to Excellent Talents
  • Extensive Analytics on the market needs and resource capabilities
  • Diversity initiatives for hiring the best in the available demographics
  • Compliance, Risk & Mitigation
  • Targeted Initiatives (Sourcing)
  • Reduced Cost & Time
  • Improved Branding & Candidate Experience
  • Better Flexibility, Scalability, and Time management
  • Enhanced Technology Capabilities

An RPO can be your long-term or short-term fix for your recruitment needs. It all depends on you. And while choosing any RPO provider, keep a checklist of questions to ask. Ponder upon few points and make things clear before making a collaboration of any sorts.

Questions to ask your RPO provider –

  1. What is your specialization?
  2. What industries have you worked on/for?
  3. Are you in sync with modern technology innovation?
  4. What are the length and breadth of the services provided until now?
  5. What is your track record and what delivery methods you purport?
  6. What is the type of hiring you made until now?

These questions will help you evaluate the work ethics, reach, market understanding and goal of an RPO provider. In the long haul, you also have to focus on the relationship that you foster with them. Don’t just focus on the solutions. Keep the aforementioned points before approaching any RPO provider

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