RPO Trends That Are Transforming Hiring Process

Every year Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO) has been noticing a significant growth in its demand. More organizations are witnessing different perks of RPO that come with its services. With a rise in demand, the pressure rises to satiate client’s needs. These needs cannot be fulfilled if RPO continues to use its traditional techniques. RPO vendors need to keep up with ever-evolving technologies and embrace each advanced trend to deliver hiked precision and efficiency. Therefore, choosing RPO services that constantly evolves with technology will impact your hiring quality significantly.

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Analysis shows that 2018 has been a great year for RPO and its services. With such great responses, 2019 is predicted to be an extremely active year for RPO. A lot of business owners and HR leaders are expecting RPO to inculcate various trends time to time and deliver innovative solutions. Analysts are assuming that a lot of new organizations will shift to RPO vendors to fulfill their partial and entire recruiting needs.
While a lot of businesses are leaning towards RPO services, those with in-house models too can seek for support. Upcoming trends could stir the entire RPO sector and show us a new face of talent acquisition market.

Statistics Trends

The study shows that RPO vendors plan to expand hiring volume. There are around 61% recruiters wishing to hire more. Around 56% are hiring to boost business growth.
RPO services prioritize the entry-level recruitment since 41% of recruiters say that filling the entry-level candidate is not an easy job.
Introduction of online chat has made a lot of change in employee approach. 66% candidates interact through the online chat.

What part technology plays in RPO?

Every industry has been highly influenced by the digitization and recruitment industry is no different. Technology has introduced many tools that promote a customized approach to candidate hiring process.
RPO vendors can target potential clients on different social media platforms. RPO services’ sourcing capabilities improve chances of a skilled talent to be found while letting the recruiter focus majorly on essential strategic steps.
Data analytical tools provide sophisticatedly precise insights that help the recruiters to build their strategies basis on what works and what not.
RPO survived due to its efficiency and capability to practice various trends in recruitment. Let’s see what these trends are,

Hiring Process with Big Data

Data analytics are not just to track and show the hiring progress, they also provide you with every minute detail involved throughout. You receive information about potential candidates along with the amount of time it will take to complete full process. RPO vendors can collect the data and use it to build metrics. All of it results in the efficient hiring process. Analysis of big data helps you to understand different market conditions. One can witness customer’s buying behavior and shortlist all products that are more often demanded. This plays a vital role in keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Artistic Approach

Customized recruitment model is an extremely valued trend in RPO services. It unblocks the way to reach your specified needs in a personalized manner workers compensation attorney group. Traditional ways fail to attract and track potential candidates, therefore, being artistic can develop the map to reach skilled employees. Clear and defined requirements make it easy to target desired talent. Artistic approach ensures selected RPO services you need and the candidate you want.

Project-based RPO services

An organization can never have fixed recruitment needs. Requirements fluctuate and RPO services efficiently scale accordingly. Organizations use the RPO when the need is high and slow down when requirements are not strong. You can alter the list of services in accordance with your staffing needs. Scalability of RPO makes it a recruiter’s choice.
Employee Referral
Employee referral system works in a great favor of RPO vendors. While hiring a candidate or looking for more employees for a single profile, you need to invest an equal amount of time and effort to find talented individuals. But with this referral system, you get a chance to cut through and reach wanted candidate directly in no time. One can collect employee’s information through chosen candidate’s references. It saves time, efforts and resources.

Prioritizing social media over resumes

Social professional networks highlights every essential information in a systematic way. This makes an easy option for a recruiter to take a quick look at given info and decide if the candidate is a right fit or not. Since hiring quality is an important parameter, social platforms are the best option find more. These networks are cost-effective and time-saving. There is about 73% hike in use of social professional networks by the recruiters.
Every trend has contributed to taking the RPO industry where it belongs. New year is expected to bring along advanced trends helping organizations to set a benchmark of success.
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